High Definition Memories

Ridercam provides world leading end-to-end video technology for the recording and distribution of experiences from the most thrilling amusement park rides, to the more gentle kids rides with a robust camera and seamless payment and distribution system. The company's unique system delivers memories in full HD resolution directly to the park guests' phone or email.


Over the past 10 years Ridercam have developed an efficient and reliable technology that includes continuous HD recording and direct delivery to visitors through various forms of media and platforms. Reliability is the key, the Ridercam system has been fully tested and operated in all conditions ensuring minimal down time and maximum guest satisfaction which is absolutely key to the Theme Park market.

The company's video technology is intended for installation on the most extreme roller coasters and other types of challenging ride attractions. The company's video solutions are a natural development of the amusement park's traditional range of photographic (still) memories.

The use of personal video or photographic equipment is prohibited for safety in all forms of advanced "rides". Solutions based on well established cameras, such as GoPro, are not compatible with the extreme forces generated during recording operations on thrilling rides. Ridercam believe that today it is currently the only company that can deliver digital video memories in HD with full audio.


Since its inception in 2006, Ridercam has delivered video to theme parks in Europe, the USA and more recently in Australia. Currently the company is preparing installations in China, where the company has contracted with China's largest park operator - Fanta World. The world's 50 premier amusement parks have over 250 million visitors annually. The forecast for total revenue of amusement parks globally is USD 46 billion. The company's management estimates visitors' outlays in the park to about 30% of the total revenue, of which about 10% relate to different types of photographic memories / souvenirs, which corresponds $ 1.3 billion. Total worldwide are about 4,000 roller coasters with circa 120 delivered annually

A Social Media Phenomenon

The company's solutions give the visitor an opportunity to immediately share their experiences on different social media platforms. At the same time, Ridercam's system enables the theme parks to communicate directly with visitors. Videos can be supplemented with information about the attraction, push messages about other attractions, as well as advertisements and special offers for frequent visitors. In this way, the Ridercam's solution becomes part of the amusement park's loyalty programme. In the long term, the platform may also offer new revenue opportunities such as advertising, sponsorship, and more.

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