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Corporate Governance

Ridercam AB (publ) ("Ridercam") is a Swedish limited company formed in January 2018 and plans to list a public trading venue in 2019



Risk Factors

All the information described on this website should be carefully considered and in particular the risks described below. If any of the following risks actually occur, the group's operations, financial position, Outlook and share price may be significantly affected to the detriment of the company, the group and the shareholders and you may lose all or part of your investment. All risks to which the members of the Board are aware at the time of the preparation of this section and which they consider to be essential are set out below. However, additional risks not currently known to the members of the board of directors or which are currently deemed irrelevant by the members of the Board may also have a significant impact on the company's business, financial position and prospects. Any investments in shares are subject to a number of risks. Therefore, potential investors should carefully consider all the information contained in this document and in particular the risk factors described below before taking any investment decision. Some of the following factors relate mainly to the group's operations and the sector in which the operations are conducted. Other factors are mainly attributable to investment in shares. Shareholders and potential investors should read this section in connection with the entire document.

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