Privacy Policy

Protection of privacy and personal data

Ridercam is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We apply a high level of protection and process your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and principles of privacy protection. “Personal Data” means information about an identified or identifiable natural person. This privacy policy contains general information about how Ridercam processes your personal information linked to the website or related websites (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

This site, our products or services may contain links to other companies' websites and services that are subject to their own privacy principles and / or third party services installed on your device may provide access to information on the device. We ask that you read the third party privacy principles thoroughly. Ridercam is not responsible for third party privacy practices or content.

By using this website and / or sending personal data to Ridercam, you understand and agree that your personal data will be processed as described in this policy. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not use the site or send any personal information to Ridercam.

1. Person responsible for personal data

Responsible for your personal data is Ridercam AB (Publ). You can contact the personal data manager at:

Ridercam AB Eriksbergsgatan 10 114 30 Stockholm

2. Purpose of processing personal data and legal basis for processing

When you use the Website, certain personal data, which may be linked to you, may be collected and processed.

Such personal data may be used for the following purposes that Ridercam deems necessary in connection with (one or more of the following may be applicable at the same time):

  • maintenance and development of the Website and Ridercam's products and services,
  • marknadsförings- och kommunikationsändamål, exempelvis utförande av marknadsundersökningar,direktreklam, automatisk marknadsföring, information om nya funktioner, produkter eller lanseringaroch specialkampanjer,
  • tillhandahålla produkter och tjänster, exempelvis för att uppfylla avtalet mellan dig och Ridercam,säkerställa funktion och skydd hos Ridercams produkter och tjänster, identifiering av dig samtanalysera/förebygga möjligt missbruk och

statistics and analysis.

If you communicate with us through the Website and / or register as a user of the Website (if applicable), Ridercam may in some cases process your personal information if it is deemed necessary to fulfill an agreement between you and Ridercam, make preparations linked to the agreement or in some cases based on your consent.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to Ridercam at any time and free of charge to process the personal data whose processing you have consented to. However, note that such readmission may mean that you will no longer be able to use all features of the Website or other products or services offered by Ridercam, as certain data processing activities that depend on your consent may be important parts of such features, products or services.

3. Personal data collected

Personal information is usually collected when you use the Website, register for Ridercam's products and services or interact with Ridercam in any other way. For example, your personal information may include your IP address, access times, the website you linked from, the links you use, the pages you visit, the content you view, and other such behavioral information that your browser sends to Ridercam.

Ridercam may also request other information from you, such as your name, email address, street address, username and password, consent, feedback, age, gender and other non-sensitive information. Ridercam would like to emphasize that some, non-identifiable, personal data may become identifiable when you enter your personal information for Ridercam.

4. Regular data sources

The personal data is collected from the following sources:

  • information that you provide to Ridercam through your behavior or by contacting Ridercam,
  • Ridercams subcontractors and the provision of services linked to the Website

Generally available sources

5. Dissemination of data in the authorized order and dissemination of data outside the EU or EEA

The personal data may be shared by Ridercam with the companies in the group, including those outside the European Union (“EU”) or European Economic Area (“EEA”) in accordance with an agreement between relevant Ridercam entities and in accordance with the EU Commission's standard contract clauses ensuring adequate methods for privacy protection are in place. The personal data stored on the server is not transferred to locations outside the EU or EEA.

Ridercam may disclose your personal information to authorized third parties in the Ridercam Group on behalf of Ridercam on behalf of the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Your personal data may be processed by such authorized third parties, including those outside the EU or EEA, in accordance with an agreement concluded between Ridercam and such authorized third party and in accordance with the EU Commission's standard contract clauses which ensure that adequate data protection measures are used.

Ridercam can also conduct marketing and other communications with Ridercam's partners. In connection with this, Ridercam can combine information collected about you with information that Ridercam's partners have collected about you, for example to avoid unnecessary communication and adapt Ridercam's message to you.

If Ridercam sells, buys, merges or executes any other type of reorganization, this may mean that Ridercam discloses personal information, for example to potential and actual buyers and their advisers.

In addition to the above, Ridercam may be forced to disclose your personal information to authorities. Ridercam may also disclose and otherwise process your personal data, in accordance with applicable law, to protect the legitimate interests of the company.

6. Principles for data protection and data storage

The personal data is mainly stored electronically. The personal data must be stored in locked premises with limited access and protected with user ID and password. All physical copies of personal data must be stored in locked premises. Only those persons who need to process the personal data in their work should have access to and the right to process the information in the register.

Ridercam saves your personal data for as long as it is needed for the purposes stated above or in accordance with current legislation. When such requirements expire, your personal information will be deleted or unidentified in such a way that they can no longer be linked to you.

7. Automatic decision making

The personal information is not used to make automatic decisions with legal or other consequences for you.

8. User rights

Right to Review: You have the right to review your personal information and receive a written copy of it. The review is free of charge.

Right to data portability: You have the right to receive the personal data you have, with your consent, submitted to Ridercam, in a format that is structured, scattered and machine-readable. If technically possible, you also have the right to transfer the data to another reviewer without Ridercam blocking it.

Right to object: You have the right at any time to object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing purposes.

Right to request correction, deletion or restriction: You have the right to request that Ridercam correct or delete your personal information if it is outdated, irrelevant, incorrect, incomplete, does not otherwise correspond or there is a legal basis for the request. You also have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted.

Official Complaint: Ridercam hopes to resolve any issues you see with how Ridercam processes your data, but you still have the right to file an official complaint with your national data and information protection authority.

If you wish to exercise your rights, submit a written request to the address specified in Section 11.

9. Use of cookies

A cookie is usually a small data set sent to your device from a website and stored in the browser while browsing a website. Then, when you visit the same site again, the information stored in the cookie can be retrieved to inform the site of your past activity. Read more about cookies and how they work, for example at

Sometimes a cookie can be placed on your computer to increase the Website's efficiency and the efficiency of the services that Ridercam offers you. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can change your settings so that all cookies are blocked or receive information about when a cookie is sent.

This privacy policy describes how Ridercam uses cookies and files and technology similar to cookies on the Website. If you visit the Website and your browser is set to accept cookies, Ridercam considers this to be an express acceptance of Ridercam's use of cookies.

The purpose of using cookies

Cookies are required for certain basic functions of the Website. These cookies are necessary for the Website to run and they are needed to make your visit to the Website smooth.

Ridercam can also use cookies to offer you better services and products. These cookies are used, for example, to make the site better and more personal. For you, this means that the Website can register, for example, which language you have chosen. Ridercam also makes analysis profiles to determine, among other things, what is popular with users. Ridercam investigates where users can access the content of the Website so that Ridercam can design the Website for the best possible user experience. Ridercam also counts the number of clicks on plugins for “Like” and “Twittra” and we record which content on the Website has been shared or referenced. These cookies make the content of the Website more personal. Ridercam also looks at what types of references are used to reach the Website.

How long the data is stored depends on the type of cookie used. Session cookies expire when the browser is closed, while permanent cookies usually last between two months and a few years.

10. Website analysis and visitor information

Webbplatsen använder en webbanalystjänst, exempelvis från Google, Inc. (“Google”). Klicka här om du vill läsa mer om webbanalystjänsten från Google: Genom att du använder Webbplatsen godkänner du att Google behandlar dina uppgifter på det sätt och i de syften som anges i på sidan som länken ger tillgång till.

Any future advertisers, tracking service providers, and other third parties may store cookies on your device when you visit the Site, for example to display customized ads or collect statistics on the number of visitors to the Site. Because your browser must request these ads from third-party servers, these third parties may view, modify, or save their own cookies just as if you had directly visited these parties' websites.

The site uses social media plug-ins, such as the "Like" button provided by the social network When you visit the Website and previously logged into a social network, your browser connects directly to the servers of the social network. Social media plug-ins on

The Website includes the privacy and other terms and conditions that apply to the respective social media sites. The information collected by social networks is not sent to Ridercam unless you have explicitly approved it.

11. Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Please note that Ridercam may change this privacy policy. However, in the event of any major changes to your detriment, Ridercam publishes a notice to this effect both at the beginning of this Privacy Policy and on the Home Page of the Website. Ridercam recommends that you read this Privacy Policy periodically to take note of any such changes.

If you have any questions, please contact us by writing to us at postal address:

Ridercam AB, Eriksbergsgatan 10, 114 30 Stockholm

... alternatively send an email with your case to; info@

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