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According to the Company's Articles of Association, the Company's share capital shall be at least 24,880 386 and no more than 99 521 544. As of the date of this Company Description, the Company's share capital amounts to 24,880,386 KRONER divided into 24,880,386 shares. All shares are of the same kind and are fully paid up. The shares are denominated in SEK. The rights associated with the shares, including those arising from the Articles of Association, can only be amended in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Companies Act (2005: 551). The shares in the Company have been issued in accordance with Swedish law.

The company's Articles of Association contain a reconciliation reservation and the Company's shares are affiliated with Euroclear Sweden, which means that Euroclear Sweden administers the Company's share register and registers the shareholders for the shares. All shares have equal rights to participate in the Company's profits and equal share of any surplus in the event of liquidation.

The shares in the Company are not subject to an offer made as a result of a mandatory bid, redemption or solvency obligation. There have been no public takeover offers for the Company's shares.

The largest shareholders, through direct ownership, in the Company after the share issue and according to the latest known conditions as at 26 November 2018, are shown in the table below.


The company currently has no issued options.


The following table shows the development of share capital since the company's formation.

2018 New issue 50,000 shares Start of Ridercam AB

2018 New issue 500,000 shares Increase of share capital, Ridercam AB public company Angel Equity

2018 Issue issue about 50 shareholders from Ridercam Systems Ltd

2018 Cash Issue Less Private Placement in cooperation with Göteborg Corporate Finance

2018 Receipts issue Issuance of debts against shares in Ridercam AB (publ.)


The company currently has no equity or other incentive programs for the staff, board members or senior executives.


All shares have equal rights to dividends and to the Company's assets and any surplus in the event of liquidation.

Decisions on distribution of profits are taken by the AGM. All shareholders registered in the register kept by Euroclear Sweden at the meeting of the shareholders' meeting, are entitled to dividend. The dividend is normally paid to shareholders through Euroclear Sweden as a cash per share, but payment can also be made in cash other than cash (cash dividend). If shareholders can not be reached through Euroclear Sweden, the shareholder's claim remains with the Company regarding the dividend amount. Such a claim is subject to a ten-year limitation period. In case of limitation, the dividend will accrue to the Company.

There are no restrictions on the right to dividend for shareholders residing outside Sweden. Payments to shareholders who do not have a tax domicile in Sweden are normally subject to Swedish coupon tax.

At present there is no formal dividend policy and the Company has so far not paid any dividend.

Central securities management

The company's shares are registered in a record of reconciliation under the Securities Centers and Financial Instruments Act (1998: 1479). This register is handled by Euroclear Sweden AB, Box 7822, 103 97 Stockholm. No share certificates have been issued for the Company's shares. Account management institute is Euroclear Sweden.

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